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[Booster serum that draws in moisture]
For seriously lacking moisturized skin. For skin that is easily roughened by daily masks.
It is a booster (pre-introduced beauty oil) that enhances the penetration of the lotion by using it before the lotion and supports the skin that lacks moisture.
A booster has the meaning of "boosting" and is a pre-existing serum that is used "before" the lotion after washing your face.
For those who are not satisfied with the current lotion, those who want to feel more moisturized, and those who want to pursue beauty.

《POINT1: 6 beauty ingredients and 3 organic oils》
Argan oil, olive oil, jojoba seed oil, plant-derived organic oil softens and smoothes the skin, and beauty ingredients such as fullerene, APPS, and hyaluronic acid. At the same time, we also handle aging care.

《POINT2: OK before makeup! Highly penetrating and smooth to use on the skin >>
It is not easily affected by ultraviolet rays and can be used for morning and night care. It is also available for those who are using false eyelashes.

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