Gangwon-do Brightening Moisture Mask

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Two types of clay purify pores * 1. For smooth and bright skin"

From the SPA series, which contains a moisturizing blend of hot spring water * 2 and herbal extract, it is a popular clay mask that not only adsorbs dirt but also moisturizes firmly. Two types of clay with different particle and mineral balance firmly adsorb pore dirt. In addition, 16 kinds of beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vegetable oil, and seaweed-derived ingredients are included. It balances the skin such as moisture and firmness, and leads to healthy skin. Smooth and creamy skin, stretches and fits snugly on dry skin.

● When you are concerned about the roughness and dullness of your skin * 3
● Two types of smooth clay adhere to the skin and adsorb dirt on pores.
● For firm and firm skin with skin care effect

* 1 Due to the adsorption effect of dirt, etc.
* 2 Moisturizing ingredient
* 3 Due to old dead skin and dirt
* No fragrances, synthetic pigments, petroleum-based mineral oils, parabens, or alcohol

[Contents] 80g

[How to use]
○ After washing your face, wipe off the moisture, avoid the area around your eyes and mouth, and apply it to your entire face so that your skin is hidden.
○ After leaving it for about 5 to 10 minutes, rinse it well with water or lukewarm water and perform normal care.
○ It is recommended to take care once or twice a week.

■ What is Koh Gen Do?
Born in Azabujuban, Tokyo in 1986. Since our founding, we have consistently developed natural cosmetics that aim to combine "kindness to the skin" and "functionality". All Koh Gen Do cosmetics do not use synthetic fragrances, synthetic pigments, petroleum-based mineral oils, or UV absorbers. The quality that does not burden the skin and maintains a beautiful finish for a long time has earned the trust of professionals with strict eyes and is used in many movies, dramas, and theatrical performances.
Water, BG, glycerin, behenyl alcohol, stearic acid, bentonite, jojoba seed oil, methylgluces-10, dimer dilinoleic acid

Made in Japan 

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