Kerastase Hair Mask Mask Densific 200g

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How to use
Step 01
After shampooing, brush your hair through your hands to remove excess water.
After that, drain the hair from the middle to the tip of the hair as if you were holding a bundle of hair.
(Towel dry is also possible)
Step 02
Take an appropriate amount (semi-long, about 25g, about 2 muscat grains) and stretch it firmly from the palms of both hands to between your fingers. Apply from the vicinity of the tip of the hair so that it passes through the handgrip, and gradually pass the handgrip from above toward the middle of the hair.
Apply to the scalp and the entire hair as if you were brushing the hair at the end.
Step 03
Pinch the hair bundle with your fingertips and slide it toward the ends of the hair. Repeat until the texture is smooth and smooth.
Step 04
Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the treatment ingredients to penetrate. Wrapping your hair with a hot towel or hair cap is even more effective.
Step 05
Place the entire palms of both hands on the scalp and gently massage while turning to blend in with the scalp.
Step 06
Rinse from the root to the tip of the hair while passing through the handgrip. Until you don't feel any extra sliminess and it becomes moist and smooth.
If you feel squeaky hair, it's a sign of over-washing. Made in Japan 

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