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Made in JAPAN
100% mineral multi-color powder that wears the beauty of natural stone

With 100% minerals, it is convenient to use it anywhere, such as around the eyes, cheeks, lips, and highlights.
For lips, it is recommended to mix a small amount of powder with lip balm.
If you have several colors, you can enjoy various patterns of makeup.
The exquisite color that blends into the skin and the glossy texture give the makeup a trendy look.
You can remove it with soap.

[Basic usage is 6 ways! ]
1. Wiper with fingers: For eye holes and high cheeks. Increased transparency and luster.
2. Put it on your finger: Put it on your eyelid with your finger to get the color you see.
3. With a thin brush: Take it with a brush and put it on it. For eyeliner and eyebrows.
4. With a blush brush: Apply a blush color to your cheeks to make it cheek.
5. With powder brush: Shading contours with a matte tightening color.
6. Mix with Lip Balm: Complete your own fresh color lips.

[Case where the appropriate amount can be taken out automatically when the lid is opened]
Uses an easy-to-use case that can be shaken 2-3 times and automatically dispensed once when the lid is opened.
You can apply it to your finger as it is, or you can use it by including it in a brush.
Since the case does not easily scatter powder, you can put it in a pouch and carry it with you.

・ Icing beige: Pink beige like cherry blossoms with plenty of luster. For highlights and delicate colors.
Star anise: A cute star-shaped spice-Red beige inspired by star anise.
・ Dry rose: Semi-matte rose beige is an active color that brings out a sharp and feminine impression of the skeleton.
・ Spice: Khaki beige with mineral glitter accents. A spice color with strength and a sense of omission.
-Ginger: Trendy beige yellow gold. Use points on the corners of the eyes and the center of the lips for a fresh look.
・ Cocoa: Cocoa beige with a cute matte texture. For eyebrows, shading, and as the main color.
・ Libyan grass: The image of the deep yellow color of Libyan grass, which is said to bring out the hidden talent.
・ Third onyx: A juicy orange that imitates the third onyx, which is said to be a talisman that fosters bonds with people.
・ Inca Rose: A bright copper pink with the image of Inca Rose, which is a symbol of healing.
・ Warm orange: Honey orange that gives a fresh shine and brightness
・ Diamond glitter: Sparkling glitter that shines like stardust
・ Bronze: Luxurious golden bronze
・ Pearly beige: Shimmer beige that melts into the skin and enhances the beauty of the eyes.

・ Warm orange: mica, iron oxide, silica, titanium oxide, diamond powder ・ Diamond glitter: mica, titanium oxide ・ Bronze: my 

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