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Even if you intend to take good care of your skin at night, your skin will be dry while you sleep!
Waking up skin is deficient in water and nutrition. Just because you don't have time in the morning, spending the daytime with your skin just soaked in lotion or serum means spending a long time without recovering from the shortage. If this piles up, skin problems may occur frequently.
That's why you can complete skin care in just one minute with a plum morning mask!

《POINT1: Short-time skin
care for 1 minute in the morning》 On a busy morning when you can't spend time on skin care, just put it on your face for 1 minute.
Moisture and nutrition efficiently permeate while preparing breakfast and luggage.

《POINT2: Use plenty of 340ml of lotion》 The lotion
of beauty ingredients such as placenta EGF collagen permeates the dry skin after waking up. Makeup riding is even better.

《POINT3: Supports the morning skin tightly》 The morning skin, which
is worrisome about sagging and his swelling, is refreshing with a tightening ingredient. In addition, the scent of her bergamot and grapefruit boosts the feeling of exhilaration.

<< POINT4: Soft special sheet with less irritation >>
Domestic special rayon sheet is used. High adhesion evenly to every corner.
Country of manufactureJapan

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