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Intensive skin care mask for night when awakening skin is different with this one piece]
Kuta Kuta's skin that worked hard all day long A rich face mask wraps around.
The thick milky white balance beauty liquid soaked into a thick cloth sheet slowly approaches the skin's Cinderella time. Leads the awakened skin to a firm and moisturized state. Today's tired
skin will not be carried over tomorrow. The next morning, it is a concentrated
skin care mask exclusively for the night that you can look forward to looking in the mirror. Intensive approach during sleep. Leads awakened skin to a firm and moisturized state. "Protection" Bifizus bacterium extract ... Intensive care for skin damage received during the day. "Moisturizing" Ceramide ... Dry By protecting the skin that is easy to sleep, the next morning's skin feels firm. "Elasticity" Retinol ... Adjusts the skin condition during sleep and gives the awakened skin a firmness and elasticity. Zu no Milky White Balance Beauty Liquid / Pru The maximum amount of liquid in history 420ml >> The secret to moisturizing the fluffy skin is the beauty liquid that overflows. The beauty ingredients necessary for the end of the day slowly penetrate into the stratum corneum of the skin. The amount of beauty liquid per bag is No. 1 in the history of Prumask. Moreover, because it is a dense milky white balance beauty liquid with a tortoise like milky lotion, the beauty ingredients are trapped in the skin and penetrated slowly while sleeping (*) Up to the stratum corneum)..
Made in  Japan 
 Country of manufactureJapan

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