Shiny Face Mask Moisturizing Sheet Mask

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Description of itemEsthetics at home ♪ A face mask created from fiber Papolis woven with the natural ingredient squalane. The squalane effect relaxes your skin. Use a steamed towel or a chilled towel to make your skin shiny and moisturized? ♪♪

<Handling method>

1. The color may change due to chlorine in tap water, so rinse it in a short time.
2. Fluff may come off during use and washing, but there is no functional problem.
3. When washing, use a commercially available fixed debris removal net to prevent fluff from reattaching.
4. Use a washing net to prevent fluffing.
5. Avoid using fabric softener as it makes it easier for fluff to come off and fluff to come out.
6. After washing, it may shrink slightly due to the nature of the woven fabric.
7. Please avoid tumble drying.
8. Dry it in a place where there is nothing that can easily get caught.
9. If the thread is pulled out during use, immediately cut the pulled out thread with scissors.
10. Dehydrate well and drain thoroughly.
materialPile yarn 100% rayon kneaded yarn
Country of origin japan 

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