Whitening Men's Medicinal All- in-One Essence

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Product nameWHITH WHITE Men's Essence
component[Active ingredient] Water-soluble plush extract, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K [Other ingredients] Purified water, succinyl atelocollagen solution, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed corrugated powder, water-soluble collagen solution-4, hyaluronic acid Na-2 vitamin E, lemon grass extract, Nichirei acerola extract WB, cork tree bark extract, Japanese angelica root extract -1, mugwort extract, Nobaraekisu, fennel extract, royal jelly extract, rose fruit extract, lemon extract, burdock root extract, rose extract, saxifrage extract, Scutellaria root extract, Hypericum extract, Kamomiraekisu -1, soy extract, aloe extract -2, cucumber extract -1, hamamelis extract, artichoke extract, Kakkonekisu, chlorella extract, concentrated glycerin, stearoyl Luffy preparative sphingosine, sodium acetylated hyaluronate, trimethylglycine, glycosyl Torehaloth / hydrogenated denp decomposition product mixed solution, vidroxic celrose, hydrated soybean linlipid, lauryl glutamate di (fitostelyl octyldodecyl), sphincter oxidyl sylvestrate, sphincter syrup, syrup, syrup, syrup, syrup, syrup, syrup Cetyl hexanoate, methylparaben, fenokisita noru, BG, fragrance
Country of originJapan

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